The Fantasy Suite

Guests can enjoy the warmth of the antique fireplace and relax in comfortable 1920’s armchairs around a modern coffee table. The sitting area is “watched over” by an authentic portrait of the Countess of Chambord, sister of Francesco IV, Duke of Modena and wife of Henry of Chambord, who was destined for the French throne after Napoleon Bonaparte. In keeping with the feel of the room, the bed is an Empire-style “boat” bed under draped silk tulle, while a built-in wardrobe ingeniously conceals a pretty bathroom. The TV is placed on modern shelving where guests can place personal objects while in contrast, an antique mannequin is a throwback to the past. The suite can comfortably take a third bed, upon request. Guests will be able to keep up their fitness routines, thanks to the ultra-modern treadmill discreetly placed behind a rare 1920’s painted glass screen.